Enjoying the holidays is even more fun when you drive up to your house glowing brightly with holiday charm. Whether you’ve hung hearts for Valentine’s Day, Pumpkins and Witches for Halloween or Santa and his sleigh during Christmastime, you must make sure you do so with caution.

Before you fall in love with that wreath covered in blinking lights make sure you look closely to see how it is labeled. If you see the words “indoor only” it isn’t meant to be for your front door. You may have to settle for an interiordoor, or you’ll want to find a different wreath.

You are looking for the words “indoor/outdoor” or “outdoor.” Don’t let this put a damper on your holiday cheer. These guidelines are in place to protect us. If you want to be here to enjoy many Christmases to come don’t use indoor lights outside. It’s too dangerous.