Do you have a shelf you want to install but you can’t seem to line up the mounting screws correctly? Many shelves feature keyhole mounts that work by resting on top of screws mounted in a wall, but the first step is correctly measuring the right spots for these keyholes. Instead of measuring the distance between the keyholes and trying to make sure you line up the spaces for the screws freehand, there is a simple hack to make this much easier.

An easy way to hang keyhole shelves is to use a plain piece of paper to make a template. Place the paper over the shelf’s keyholes and rub lightly with a pencil. Next, level the piece of paper on the wall where you want to place the shelf. You can tape the paper to the wall so you can easily insert the screws exactly where you need them. Cut out the keyholes and drill the screws into the wall. If you try to screw directly through the paper, you may inadvertently destroy your template.