Every experienced real estate agent has worked with great home inspectors in their career. Regrettably, they’ve worked with some real dogs too. You owe it to yourself to recommend an inspector who won’t drive you crazy. Here are 3 common mistakes realtors make and how to avoid them.

Skipping the Inspection

Be there or be square! This is your best chance of evaluating how realistic an inspector is. Some home inspectors will create lists of problems that enter the realm of fantasy, while others seem to miss obvious flaws. If you’re there, you can see what they see and form your own opinion. Unless there’s a very good reason to schedule an inspection when you can’t make it, don’t miss the opportunity to be an active advocate for your client.

Foregoing the Pre-Listing Inspection

A bad inspection can mean sudden, costly repairs or a derailed sale. With the median price of homes today, a seller’s inspection makes financial sense – it allows them time to effect repairs, reduces stress and gives you better information for price and selling strategy.

Not Reading the Report

Your time has constant demands and inspections are dry reading, but it’s your best (hopefully) objective opinion about the property. It also helps determine if the inspector has a good perspective, or if they exaggerate problems or miss ones you noticed.