In a small kitchen or bathroom, every inch of space counts. If you’ve got a couple of inches, you can create a whole new storage space for these smaller rooms.

Install a sliding drawer between counters. Drawers that are 18-30 inches wide work best for pull-out cabinets, giving you enough space to store items without being clumsy. Pegboard rollouts give kitchen tools, pans, hair dryers and brushes a place to hang, creating more space for other items.

Pull-out pantries are for exactly this purpose—adding extra storage in a gap of just a few inches. Pull-out pantries can fit in a space of about 3-6 inches, giving you valuable storage space in a spot that was previously unusable. They can fit next to the refrigerator, between drawers, next to the toilet, and in other skinny places in your home.

Don’t waste an inch. Install sliding storage and maximize all the storage space you can in your home.