Puyallup Sewer Scope Video Inspection

One of the biggest unforeseen cost with any home can be the sewer line. The home owner owns, and is required to maintain their sewer line from the house, to where it connects to the main city line. The line typically travels to the street or back alley, going under the sidewalk or road, and is required to be repaired to the city’s standards. With a video inspection of the sewer line, you will be able to see the material type and condition of the existing line. This service is highly recommended for any home that has a sewer line more than 25 years old.

The older sewer line typically consist of concrete or clay pipes that slide into each other without any form of sealant. The lines are susceptible to cracking, root intrusion, or can shift out of place creating an offset in the line. To perform this service, we will need access to the side sewer line from either the interior or exterior clean-out. If no clean-out is present, the line can typically be accessed from a roof plumbing vent.